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In 1983, based on ideologies of Mr. Anil Sehgal MT Autocraft was started in Parwanoo. The company was set up to manufacture and supply precision machine components to the Indian OEMs. This was a pioneering effort in the country as it signified a technological lead from the slow and outdated manufacturing system that existed in India at that time. MT Autocarft's new system offered their customers tremendous cost savings, productivity, reliability and scalability. The company quickly established its presence as a preferred supplier to the Indian automotive industries.

Group Companies:

MT Autocraft (CRD) Connecting Rod Division
MT Autocarft (TPD) Tractor Parts Division
MT Autocarft Manesar
MT Autocarft Rohtak
KHM Drive Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Japanese Joint Venture)

Team Behind-

MT Autocraft has an extremely strong leadership base consisting of robust manufacturing and experience creating, building, growing and leading a dynamic corporate team.

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