Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To be the best manufacturer for machined components in the country
To become the largest forks manufactures in the country.


Continuous improvement with innovative automation
Deliver people excellence through world class HR practices.
Diversify into other manufacturing sectors

Core Values

Transparency & honesty towards all stake holders

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Supplier
  • Society
  • Environment

Policy Aim

We as a team shall delight the customer by minimizing the variance through total employees involvement and continual improvements.

Improvement in quality.
Improvement in Productivity.
Cost Reduction.
Dated : 1st April 2017

C.E.O. :

Safety Policy


SHE-Safety, Health & Environment Policy

MT Autocraft is committed to achieve and sustain high standards of occupational health, safety & environment by prevention of injury & ill health,reducing and controlling pollution to safeguard the well being of those working on, visiting & living near our operations.

We are committed to:

Develop, design, operate & maintain facilities and process that are safe, healthy & environmental friendly.
Develop, introduce & maintain system establish appropriate standards of occupational health, environment & verify compliance with these standards by means of regular audits.
Conservation of natural resources by optimizing usage of resources, minimizing the generation of waste and adopting recycle and reuse policy wherever possible.
Set annual improvement objectives, targets and review these to ensure compliance.
Involve all employees in the implementation of this policy by providing proper training and opportunity.
Provide for dissemination of information on health, safety and environment at work by establishment of suitable communication network both within MT Autocraft and outside bodies.
Adhere to the local legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.
Dated : 1st Sept-2016

Anil Sehgal :

Training policy


MT Autocraft is committed to develop

Employees at all levels on required competence through effective training systems to achieve organization vision and to delight our customer.

Dated : 1st April 2017

C.E.O. :

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